Student of the Year
One Student from each class will be selected from Nursery to XII for Student of the year Award. A panel of all class teachers and subject teachers along with the Principal , Vice Principal and School coordinators will select the student on the basis of his/her academic performance (min 90% aggregate) as well as participation in Sports, House /Cultural activities, positive attitude towards the school , teachers and peer group , good attendance and uniform etc. The awardees will receive a trophy , a certificate and a badge.


All Rounder Awards (Pre School and Pre-Primary)
Students from classes P.S and P.P will be eligible for All rounder Awards based on academic excellence participation in co-curricular activities and discipline. The awardees will receive an All Rounder Badge and a certificate.


Scholar Badges (I to XI)
Meritorious students who secure a A* grade in classes I to V and 90% & above in classes VI to X and 85% & above for class XI will be awarded scholar badge and certificates. Students who secure 90% and above in Class X and Stream-wise toppers of Class XII will be awarded a trophy and a certificate.


Reader of the Year Award
One student from each class will be selected from class I to XII for "Reader of the Year Award". A Panel of class teachers, language teachers and librarians along with the Principal & Vice Principal will select the student on the basis of his/her interest in reading, use of school library as well as participation in reading related activities. The awardees will get a certificate and a badge


Titles & Awards for the Outgoing Students of Class XII

Appreciation Certificates

Mementoes / Medals will be awarded to the I, II & III position holders in House (cultural & sports) activities; Appreciation certificates will be awarded to the students who excel in these areas:

1 Ms. Shiv Vani 1 100% Attendance
2 Mr. Shiv Vani 2 Oration
3 Mr. Well Dressed 3 Instrumental Music
4 Ms. Elegant 4 Sports
5 Mr. Sincere 5 Good Conduct
6 Ms. Sincere 6 Dance/Music
7 All Rounder 7 Maths/Science/computer
8 Most Determined 8 Art & Craft
9 Best Library User 9 Creativity & Confidence
10 Creative Writer 10 NCC
11 Athlete of the Year 11 Clubs
12 100% Attendence 12 Neatly Dressed
13 Enthusiastic Learner 13 Outstanding achievement certificates for subject toppers (91% & above) for classes XI & XII
>14 Inspiring Student Leader These certificates will be given along with the final result, at the end of the session.
>15 Remarkable Reader
Titan wrist watch worth Rs. 2000/- will be given to the students with 100% attendance, Head Boy, Head Girl, Jt. Head Boy & Jt. Head Girl. A few points considered for the selection are : Academic excellence, attendance, discipline, neat & tidy uniform, regularity & punctualilty.


White Card
If a student is observed to be showing exemplary conduct & good behavior, he/she will be issued a White Card (Good Chit) on the recommendation of teachers and /or the Principal. The students will be honoured with a White Card on the school's main dais before the whole school in the morning assembly/ special assembly. In case a White Card holder gets a yellow or Red Card, the value of his/ her White Card will neutralize. White Card will/ can be given for many reasons, a few of them are as follows- General outlook of the students, enterprising & impressive personality & deportment, good leadership qualities, if he/she is well mannered & disciplined, good attitude towards work, is respectful, dutiful, regular in class & home assignments, good etiquettes, respects school property, capable of handling and executing duties, remarkable initiative, fluent in spoken English and speaks correct Hindi too, helpful nature, alert and smart etc.


Scholarship Award For Meritorious Students

To motivate and inspire good performance by students, the following awards will be given to meritorious students in the final assessment. All cash awards will be given by cheque at the end of the session.

1. Students who get 90% & above from class I to V will get an award of Rs. 500 each.

2. Students who get 90% and above from class VI to VIII will get an award of Rs. 1000 each.

3. Students who get 90% above in class IX & XI will get an award of Rs. 2000 each.

4. Students who get 90% above in class X & XII will get an award of Rs. 5000 each.