Eco club

"Harmony with nature" is the theme of the club. It is the responsibility of every human being to save the environment from further destruction. Keeping this in mind, the school and students have taken the pledge to save it, in their personal capacity and also to spread awareness among the masses. A paper recycling unit is installed where the eco club members work to produce recycled paper. The club members organize various events related to this such as : Teachers at the senior school evolve academic environment wherein they develop competence and update their knowledge in innovative teaching methodology for their respective subject. Teachers at the senior school evolve academic environment wherein they develop competence and update their knowledge in innovative teaching methodology for their respective subject.

1 Rallies against pollution.
2 Tree Plantations
3 Campaign against plastic/poly bags etc.
4 Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign
5 Neighbourhood cleanliness drive
6 Global Warming issues
7 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

eco club eco club eco club eco club

IT Club

The IT Club comprises teacher incharges as well as IT Prefects who organise IT related activities as well as events such as "IT Week" in the school. Participants for Inter-School IT competitions are selected by the IT Club. The IT club along with Literary club maintains the creative page of the School Website as well.

It club IT club IT club IT club

Art and Craft Club

Students recycle waste material to create beautiful craft work. Abstract painting, glass painting, fabric painting, pot painting, ceramic painting, embroidery etc. are a regular feature of this club. Exhibitions are conducted by the club members during Open Houses.

It club

Calligraphy Club

Scratchy pens, the splattering ink and the lovely crinkly parchment that’s what a calligraphy, club is. The members learn the basic method of writing with brush and calligraphy pens here. These unique pieces of writing adorn the display boards and walls of the school. Calligraphy club members are roped in whenever certificates are to be written.

Dance Club

Learning dance is really a fun activity for the children of Shiv Vani. Training in classical, folk, hip- hop, jazz etc are imparted in the dance club. These dancers exhibit excellent dancing skills and have won the heart of all. This is where you get a chance to move on a busy dance floor.

It club IT club IT club IT club

Music Club

Training is imparted to students both in vocal and instruments in music club. Instruments like Sitar, Guitar, Tabla, and Casio are taught depending upon the taste and preference of each child. These musicians in training hold stage shows both in and out of the school and have brought accolades to the school many a time.

It club IT club IT club IT club IT club

Sanitation Club

Our Government has launched the Green India Campaign towards establishing cleanliness by 2019. It has surly kindled a nationwide enthusiasm, but it’s not sufficient to create awareness and impart knowledge among children. instead, they should be motivated for putting into knowledge that they have been imparted. That is the reason why our school has been an inseparable part of Sulabh Sanitation Club since its inception. It’s also a matter of elation that our school has been one of the active participants of Swachh Bharat Vidyalaya Abhiyan”, with a maximum of students participating in it as young student volunteers. Students of our school have been to Nepal, Manipur, j&k, Sikkim and many other states of our country in order to create awarness for better sanitation practices in schools, homes and communities by 2019.

It club IT club IT club IT club IT club

The Literary Club

The literary club compiles the reports of school activities and events and provides opportunities for students to express and develop their creativity in language and literature. It brings out "Trinetra - a vision beyond...." the annual school magazine. DEAR(Drop Everything and Read) and T.U.S.C. (Totally Unbelievable Speaking Club) are the other activities conducted by the Literary club.

Literary club Literary club Literary club Literary club

Community Service Club

It is our faith and conviction that education does not exist in a vacuum. Education is part and parcel of a larger institution i.e. society. It is our motto to make whatever contributions we can in the field of social welfare and betterment of the community. The community service club aims to sensitise the students & society at large through programmes like AIDS awareness, Anti - Smoking campaigns and rallies and Adult Education classes.

Community Service Club Community Service Club Community Service Club Community Service Club
Community Service Club Community Service Club Community Service Club Community Service Club

School Brass & Bagpipe Band

The school band group is nurtured and reared to provide perfectly synchronized music, be it the national anthem, marching or welcome songs and patriotic songs. The band group students learn to play the following instruments : Trombone, Cornet, Clarinet, Saxophone, Xylophone, Side Drums, Big Drums, Flutes, Cymbals, Mercus, and Bagpipes. Students undergo a process of rigorous training over several years to attain synchronised perfection.

School Band School Band School Band School Band

Leadership Club

It is the motto of the Leadership Club to make valuable contribution for the betterment of the community. Therefore, they work tirelessly for this. They are taught the lessons of event management, public speaking, community service etc.

Leadership Club Leadership Club Leadership Club Leadership Club

Aerobics Club

Aerobics club focuses on physical fitness through rhythmic dance movements that require great co-ordination, strength & agility. Members are allowed to choose the level that suits their ability & taste.

Aerobics Club Aerobics Club Aerobics Club Aerobics Club

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Shiv Vani's Boys & Girls NCC was established in order to impart training in discipline, leadership qualities, secular outlook, character development, adventurous spirit and sportsmanship as well as selfless service and devotion towards the nation among the youth. The NCC Cadets have been trained under the able guidance of staff members and they have been participating in the Republic Parade and PM's rally since 1998. The content of the NCC course includes basic training in Drill and Ceremonials, and various activities like rifle shooting, trekking and self defence training.

Socially Useful & Productive Work (SUPW)

SUPW or work experience is "the third dimension of education".It develops skills and is productivity oriented. The school offers a wide spectrum of activities such as Art and craft, Gardening, Needle work, Computers, Toys and Doll making & Clay Modelling, The aim of organising SUPW activities is to enhance the opportunity for diversified experience for the students. These experiences are necessary for the development of the socially useful and balanced personality.

TATA Class Edge Interactive Systems

The school has joined hands with Tata Class Edge, a pioneer company in the field of education and technology to facilitate teaching learning process. Under the class edge :
1. Learning becomes interesting
2. Conceptual understanding rather than rote learning.
3. Development of social & thinking skills.
4. Application of learning to real life
5. Innovative teaching strategies .
6. Access to multimedia, worksheets, quizzes & games
7. Effective utilization of time.
8. All classrooms are super smart classrooms equiped with Tata Class Edge Interactive system & smart boards