Session 1 --(class VIII to XII)
Anger Management:-



Children will learn:-


1. What are emotions and how they affect us?


2. How negative emotions harm our peace of mind?


3. Why do we get angry?


4. Enhance and Improve relationships with friends and parents?


Session 2 --(class VI to XII)
Awareness on Gender equality:-



This session will help students to keep an unbiased attitude towards gender, caste, religion and region and cultivate socially desirable habits like honesty, sensitivity towards others, respect, responsibility, truth, tolerance, self-confidence, self-reliance etc.


Session 3 ---Junior School


"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising up everything we fall."




Junior school
1. Good Study Techniques


2. The Power of being sincere



Senior School
1. Study Techniques


2. Effective Decision Making.


Students will learn how to define a problem, how to think out of the box while solving problems and how to make better choices and achieve better results. Students will also learn different study techniques which will help them to gain confidence.



" Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts"


-Winston Churchill



Junior school
Social Skill Devlopment:-



Children will learn managing peer pressure, healthy habits,etiquettes and manners etc.


Senior School
1. Study Techniques


2. Effective Decision Making.


Developing the academicand self management skills:-



Children will learn goal setting and progress monitoring, memory skills, managing test



Junior school
1. Accepting others for who they are


2. Importance of keeping dignity and simplicity
Senior School
1. Cyber security


2. How to beat exam blues
Children will learn through case studies, story narration and class discussions