International School Award

International School Awards

Shiv Vani has been accredited with the British Council's prestigious International School Award for the period 2017-2020. Mr.Prashant Narula, the School Principal received the award at the ISA ceremony hosted by British Council on 13 December, 2017. The achievement was possible due to the outstanding leadership and unstinted guidance of the School Principal, Mr.Prashant Narula and Vice-Principal, Dr.Deepa Narula who provided a platform to the staff and students to plan and conduct various international and in-house activities and collaborate with partner schools from different countries. The achievement is yet another step in the school's journey towards excellence.

August - International Inhouse Activity
Project-1 Protecting The Rarest Of The Rare
The activity was aimed at spreading awareness about the endangered animals of India and Australasia which comprises of Australia, New Zealand and the Island of New Guinea. As the days progressed, (delete)Students gained knowledge about the endangered animals of not only of their country but also of the countries selected for the project. They also learned how important it is to protect these rare species. To spread awareness, students of class V prepared postcards with pictures of animals that are endangered. They wrote slogans and messages on them before they posted them. Students of Pre- Primary, Class I and II put on animal masks and spoke a few lines on the animal chosen. To develop research and analytical skills, power point presentations on the census of endangered animals were made and shown to students of all classes through classroom projectors. Vocabulary building worksheets enriched their knowledge of new words associated with the topic chosen. Locating the geographical areas of the endangered animals on maps turned out to be the perfect exercise for students to develop their spatial thinking and map reading skills and knowledge about geography. It also enhanced their language skills as they collaborated and communicated about spatial relationships. These activities inspired students, parents and teachers not just to care but also to help protect these animals for future generations.
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September-October,2016 -International Collaborative Activity
Project 2 - A Small Step but a Big Leap
The activity for September-October was an International collaborative activity. The partner school for this activity was Happy Home O Level School, Karachi. The aim of this collaborative activity was to gain understanding about small scale industries and their role in the country's growth and the economy. As part of this project, an exhibition cum sale of the in-house products was held on 8 October 2016 during the Open House, in the school campus. Pamphlets, advertising the business venture were made and distributed to parents and visitors. Organic manure, home-made pickles and chocolates, candles and home decor items were in the exhibit. Our students received many words of appreciation and encouragement from parents, teachers and visitors. Students also made PPT on the government policies of their country to promote small scale industries and did a comparative study. They interviewed employees of small scale industries and exchanged the information collected with the partner school.

Through these activities, students of both schools developed entrepreneurial, problem solving, decision making, critical thinking and kinesthetic skills along with global citizenship. Students also learned to appreciate and learned how to earn their livelihood through low-cost investment.
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October - International Collaborative Activity
Project 3 - Don't Be Scared, Be Prepared
The International activity for October was done in collaboration with Daejeon Jeonmin Middle School,Seoul, South Korea and Bay View High School, Karachi. The aim of this activity was to create awareness about crisis management. Students also learned about the steps and procedures for safety and management during disasters.

As part of this project, students of class X made a documentary film titled 'Lost Cities' on the islands and cities which are likely to disappear if there is a rise in sea level. Similarly students of partner schools also made presentations on the theme. All the three presentations were watched by students of all classes.

Real life videos of natural calamities were shown to students in Junior and Senior schools. Students filled in a response sheet where they entered their thoughts, feelings and suggestions after watching the videos.

Inter house declamation contest was held on the topic 'Lost Cities'. Display boards were also decorated based on theme of the project.

Documentary film made by students of Class X of Shiv Vani School on 'Lost Cities' as part of their British Council ISA project.

2016 Connecting Classrooms between Jeonmin Middle School and Shiv Vani Model Senior Secondary School.
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November -International In-House Activity
Project 4 - Weavers Weaving At Break of Day.
The international in-house activity for November aimed to know about the past and present scenario of weaving industries of India and South-Asian countries like China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Through this project, students learned about the rich handloom heritage of India and the selected countries of South Asia and also researched about the process of weaving. Students made simple weaving looms from recycled materials and learned to weave using paper and wool. An exhibition titled, "Mathematical Weaving" was organized in the school library. An Inter-House Fashion Show titled "Weaving beyond the boundaries" was conducted. The show showcased the rich textile culture of the countries selected. A short skit on "Who is killing our weavers" was presented which brought to light, the socio-economic condition of weavers.
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December - International In-House Activity
Project 5 - History Calling.
The project titled "History Calling" was aimed to gain knowledge about historical monuments of the selected countries and spread awareness to preserve them. Students researched about the different architectural styles of monuments of India, Egypt and Rome and created a monument combining all the architectural styles. Pamphlet making activity was conducted in the class and the pamphlets made were distributed to tourists during their field trip to the Humayun's tomb. A quiz based on the monuments of selected countries was also organized. Thus students got a chance to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of one's country and the countries selected.
International School Awards International School Awards International School Awards International School Awards