Our Campus
Established in 1981, Shiv Vani today ranks among one of the top schools in challengers category in the survey conducted by The Times of India in 2015-2017.Located centrally in west Delhi, Shiv Vani provides the perfect ambiance for students to grow.
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Tata Class Edge
Tata ClassEdge provides an innovative and comprehensive instructional solution that empowers teachers to teach better with their instructional framework, Multiple learning experiences (MLEx) Models, activities involving rethinking and critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, research orientation and communication skills.

All teachers have access to well designed lesson plans and they make use of multimedia assets embedded in this lesson plans to visually illustrate complex concepts and use interactive tools to maximize efficiency in classrooms.

Here, in our school we make students understand better by involving them in a variety of carefully planned activities using multiple senses. All classrooms are equipped with Tata ClassEdge Systems. This makes learning a wonderful experience with a balance of interest as well as clearing of fundamentals.

The school has adopted comprehensive and out of the box approach to design our curriculum which is reviewed and revised every academic session. Our tie up withTata Class Edge has proved to be a very effective learning tool as it is undeniable that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) contributes to the delivery of quality learning and teaching. It is designed to help teachers deliver high quality instructions, with an effective mix of classroom activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations. For students, it provides an active engagement with learning, thus making a better conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and also a platform to grasp application of learning to real life. It also enables the parents to have an effective feedback of their childs performance. All classrooms are converted into digital classrooms. In addition to this all computer labs are upgraded with new and sophisticated computers.
computer lab computer lab computer lab computer lab

The gifts of science can be felt in every walk of life. Science and its wonders appear to be unalloyed blessing. It impacts can be felt in all spheres of life and has produced such advanced technologies which have directly or indirectly contributed to enhancing the life of human beings. It is to hone their scientific skills and cognitive abilities that the school has excellent laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Technology, Biology, Geography and Maths; and it is here that students learn to bring out their first hand experiences in observation and handling of materials of science. The laboratories are well set with scientific equipments, instruments and supplies to deliver high quality of practical exposure to the students in the field of science.
Computer Labs
The school has four computer labs with new and sophisticated systems equipped with advanced technologies in terms of hardware and software. All the four labs have highly configured computers with required software package like MS Office, VB, Oracle, HTML, Flash, Photoshop and C++.Each lab has 40 to 45 computers where every student gets to work on separate computers. The labs also have internet connection which helps students to prepare for their projects and presentations.
computer lab computer lab computer lab computer lab
Physics Lab
Physics Lab is equipped with the latest equipments and instruments that help students learn the concepts and perform science experiments in an innovative way. The lab is well stocked with adequate apparatuses and about 40 students can perform practical at a time.
physics lab physics lab physics lab computer lab
Chemistry Lab
The Chemistry Lab is provided with its own double distillation plant, centrifuge, and analytical balances for the students to use. The lab boasts of its safe environment with material safety data sheets available for all the chemicals

chemistry lab chemistry lab chemistry lab chemistry lab
Biology Lab
The Biology Lab has an appropriate collection of specimens, informative and clear slides to be observed under well maintained microscopes. Various hands-on activities and project work related to the understanding of important biological concepts have been designed to engage students.

biology lab biology lab biology lab biology lab
Biotechnology Lab
The school boasts of its state of the art Biotechnology Lab with latest devices like Centrifuge, Laminar flow, Incubator, Autoclave, Magnetic Shaker, Spectrophotometer, Electrophoresis machine etc. The students can easily culture different types of microbes using them.
biology lab biology lab biology lab biology lab
Geography Lab
Geography Lab is an important aspect of teaching social-studies which provides various teaching aids such as maps, models, charts, posters, globe, meteorological instruments etc. This special room creates the congenial environment and stimulated learning. It provides a pleasant and functional environment which helps in making teaching creative, expressive and effective. It provides a base for real and permanent knowledge for students.
Mathematics Lab
Mathematics Laboratory is a place, rich in exhaustive materials to which children have ready access to handle them, perform mathematical experiments, play mathematical games, solve mathematical puzzles and become involved in other activities. Math Lab allows students to set up mathematical experiments for the purpose of discovering some mathematical principle, pattern or process. The purpose of the lab is to emphasize on learning by doing and to provide children with opportunities to discover and understand mathematical concepts through their active involvement in solving problems.
maths lab maths lab maths lab maths lab
English Language Teaching (ELT) Lab
An ELT (English Language Teaching) Lab provides easy to use software to enhance listening and speaking skills of students. Each student has his/her console with a headset for listening and practicing at their own pace. It also allows the students to record which allows them to listen, repeat, record and compare their pronunciation and intonation.
english lab english lab english lab english lab

School has two libraries ,Junior school library caters to the needs of students from Pre-school to class V while Senior school library is for the students of Classes VI to XII.

The school library provides a conducive atmosphere for reading. It's a well lit and spacious reading room and the stock of reading material find patronage among both the students and the teaching faculty of the school. The library is continuously being replenished with latest books, periodicals, newspapers journals, reference books, audio-visual media and currently has more than 20,000 books. Besides numerous encyclopedias and reference books, the library subscribes to several magazines and journals viz : India Today, The Week, Outlook, Competition Success Review, Competition Success (G.K.), Junior Science Refresher, Business Today, Education Today, Science Reporter, Herald of Health , Reader's Digest, Champak, Society, Women's Era, Health & Nutrition, Down to Earth, Time, Front Line, Money Outlook, Auto Car, Digit, IT, PC Quest, National Geographic, Children's World, Scientific American, Geography & You etc. A separate reference area has been provided for the students and teachers.

Cataloguing, Classification and Issue-Returns are all done through computerized management system.
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School houses a spacious and aesthetically designed auditorium equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems. It can accommodate up to 350 people.
audoitorium audoitorium auditorium auditorium

Conference Room
School has a state- of- the- art Conference room with a seating capacity of 50, where important meetings are held.
conference conference confrnce conference

Art and Craft Rooms
School has two art rooms. Art room has a calm and purposeful environment that encourages creativity. Students reflect, create, design and feel motivated. Each child is given opportunity to express their creative thoughts and exhibit their artistic abilities. Art activities are designed in a way to allow children to focus on what they can do and celebrate individual and team successes. Students are taught painting, sketching, pottery, recycled craft, clay modeling, paper crafts etc.
art art art art

The school has a qualified doctor and a full time nurse on its roll who maintains records through yearly medical checkup and the reports are sent to parents for their information and medical measures. Treatment for minor ailments and injuries, and immediate immunization against tetanus are catered to as and when required.
clinic clinic clinic clinic

School Cafeteria caters to the need of all. It inculcates and promotes healthy eating habit among children. Stringent hygiene regulations are maintained. The use of preservatives and artificial colours are strictly banned. Seasonal fruits, fruit juices, Vegetable rice, sandwiches etc. are on the menu. Regional delicacies are served once in a week. However, buying food items from school cafeteria is not mandatory.

Book Store
The school has a book store where all the books, notebooks and stationery items prescribed by the school are available at concessional rates. The store provides quality notebooks, other stationery items and school uniform. However, buying of books, uniform and stationary etc from the school Book Store is not mandatory.

Music Centre
Music Centre houses separate and exclusive rooms for Guitar, Sitar, Tabla, Dance, Vocal and Band group. It has been a huge success with students. The centre introduces students to the wonderful world of dance and music and helps them to unwind from daily routine of studies and exams. Each student gets a unique opportunity to learn Indian Classical, Western, Vocal and Instrumental music along with classical and contemporary dance. Music Centre has instruments to suit all playing styles and musical tastes. Students are given training on an array of musical instruments such as Sitar, Tabla, harmonium, keyboard,drums,guitar,congo and xylophone.
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Sports Facilities
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School Transport
School Transpor School Transpor School Transpor School Transpor

Safety At Our School
Safeguarding the wellbeing of students and staff is the primary concern of the school. There are more than 200 CCTV cameras all around the campus. The entire school campus is under CCTV surveillance and CCTV cameras are installed in classrooms, corridors and the campus to ensure the safety of students and staff.
Safety Safety Safety Safety

Paper Recycling Centre
To educate students about the importance of recycling and encouraging them to contribute their share towards a safe environment, a Paper Recycling Unit has been set up in the school. Students recycle paper here and the recycled paper is used in decorating class display boards and in art clubs.
Paper Recycling Paper Recycling Paper Recycling Paper Recycling

Lost And Found
Items that are left and found on campus are placed in the Lost and Found room located on ground floor, Junior School, near the book store. If a lost item has a name on it, it will be returned to the child's classroom. Please label your child's belongings -- it's the best way to be sure it gets returned quickly. Parents can check for their child’s lost items during their visit to school on PTMs.