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Latest Updates :
We won the Overall Championship Trophy in Zonal Competition for the third consecutive year.                                 Admissions 2017-18                                 Glimpse of our Annual Sports Day-Fitness Fiesta 2016 held on Dec. 30,2016 at Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology(NSIT), Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi                                 Our Toppers (2015-16)                                             Class-X Result (2015-16)                               Class-XII Result (2015-16)

Our Mission

To provide a nurturing learning environment that is a blend of traditional values and global outlook.
To impart education that looks beyond the frontiers of formal education to develop the student’s complete personality.
To help students grow into responsible world citizens and foster in them respect towards others and the environment
To strive for continual improvement in student’s performance during the course of next five years.

Our Vision

The pursuit of academic excellence has long been the defining pillar of Shiv Vani`s mission. It has attracted faculty and students alike to an academic program that is challenging, rigorous and focused on creating a learning environment where students pursue mastery of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success. Today's students need more than just academic education-they also need positive values for making the most of their education and their lives. So we strive to go beyond rote learning and prepare our students to meet the challenges of life. We have adopted the "Education for Life" educational philosophy as it is holistic, experiential and student-centric. Our goal is for children to become balanced, mature, harmonious and happy. At the same time, we have striven to make our children sensitive and humane to reach out in love and service. We have empowered every child who has entered its portal with courage of conviction and strength of character to tide over the trials and tribulations of life. We prepare our children for their onward journey by guiding their path of life.

It is our faith and conviction that education does not exist in a vacuum. Education is part and parcel of a larger institution i.e. society. It is our motto to make whatever contributions we can in the field of social welfare and betterment of the community. We set our own standards, strive to reach them and elevate ourselves to higher planes. The learning, the evolving and the effort shall never cease. The school encourages and prepares students to be aware of their duties, be empathetic and sensitive to the outside world, be independent and create lasting memories and relationships with their classmates and staff. Along with academic progress, we have always tried to develop each of our students socially and emotionally and guide them toward independent thinking and problem solving.

All the educational programs are fine tuned in Shiv Vani to contribute towards growth in academic and co-curricular spheres. Our tie up with Tata Class Edge has proved to be a very effective learning tool as it is undeniable that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) contributes to the delivery of quality learning and teaching.

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