School Hour
7.50 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (Pre-school and pre-primary) 7.50 a.m. to 1.50 p.m. (I to V) 7.50 a.m. to 2.10 p.m. (VI to XII)
Students are expected to enter the school gate by 7.45 a.m. Parents who drop students to school in the morning and the private van operators are requested to drop students to school by 7.45 a.m.
The school is closed for students on second and fourth Saturdays of each month.

Parents may meet the following as per the schedule given below
9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
Coordinator (Senior School and Junior School), Class Teachers and Subject Teachers:
2.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m
Transport Incharge:
7.30 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.
Fee deposit timings:
8.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
Parents are requested not to go directly to the class to meet the teachers as they will not be able to leave their classes to attend you. Do not come without prior appointment and kindly send an application for appointment or call to meet the respective teachers.

All students must wear the following uniform in school daily, during examinations, picnics & when they come to school to collect their admit cards (X&XII) and if they are accompanying parents on PTM days/ second Saturdays.
Boys : In Summers.
(I to V) Shorts/Trousers:Olive Green with Black checks (Terrycot) 2" above the middle of knee, Medium width, side pockets.
Trousers (VII to XII)No parallels, flares, baggy or bell bottoms are permitted. Width of lower end Of the trouser should not exceed 18" and not less than 16."
ShirtLight Green Striped (Terrycot) with school monogram and buttons.
ShoesBlack (with laces)
SocksOlive Green & White mix with dark green stripes (school pattern)
BeltSchool Pattern
Patka( Sikh Boys)Black
Girls : In Summers.
Skirts /Trousers:Olive Green with Black checks (Terrycot).
SkirtBox pleats, 2" hem with side pockets, upto knees (not above knees).
ShirtLight Green Striped (Terrycot) with school monogram and buttons.
ShoesBlack (with laces)
SocksOlive Green & White mix with dark green stripes (school pattern)
BeltSchool Pattern
Hair BandBlack (compulsory)
Winters ( Same cloth as in Summers).
Girls ((I to XII)Skirt/Trousers
Shirt (Boys & Girls)Full Sleeves. (School colour).
Sweater Black with green strip on neck, arms and bottom (Full sleeves & sleeveless).
Blazer School Pattern (optional for 1 to 5 & compulsory for 6 to 12)
SocksOlive Green & White mix with dark green stripes (school pattern)
TieSchool Pattern
Socks (Boys & Girls)Woolen socks, black with olive green stripes.
Girls can wear black stockings under the woolen socks (with skirt)
Cap/ Scarf/Hand Gloves Blcak(School Pattern)
Boys & Girls (P.S & P.P) Track Suits on all days
Class I to VTrack suits on Tuesdays and Fridays
Class VI to VIIITrack suits on Tuesdays and Fridays(warm pants, zipper jacket and full sleeved t-shirt)
On Saturdays (summer/ winter) Class VI onwards.
GirlsWhite skirt/divided skirt with small pleats and side skirt/ trousers, sidepockets, up to knees (2"hem)
Shirt (Boys & Girls)House color shirt/ T-Shirt
ShoesWhite canvas
SocksOlive Green & White mix with dark green stripes in summers & Woolen socks, black with olive green stripes in winter
TieNo tie on Saturday
BeltSchool Pattern
Hair BandWhite
Patka (Sikh Boys) White
SweaterBlack with green strip on neck, arms and bottom, V-neck (Full sleeves & Sleeveless)

Please Note:Hand knit sweaters, sweaters without school logo, grey leggings, colourful scarves/ caps are not allowed.

Attendance And Leave
Requirement of Attendance for all classes as per Rule 13.2 of CBSE Examination Bye- Laws:
No student shall be eligible to take the examination unless he/ she has completed 75 % of attendance counted from the beginning of class up to the first of the month preceding the month in which the examination commences.
As per CBSE Examination Bye- Laws the students who have not completed regular course of study, i.e. have not completed 75% of attendance (including Practical classes) will not be allowed to appear for the Board Examination.
According to the CBSE rules, the following reasons will only be considered for short attendances:
1. Prolonged illness
2. Loss of father/mother or some other such incident leading to absence and meriting special consideration.
3. Any other reason of similar serious nature.
4. Authorized participation in sponsored tournaments and sports meet of not less than inter-school level and at NCC/NSS camps including journeys for such participation.
5. In case of any of the above, an application along with the supporting documents should be attached and submitted to the Principal in January. These documents will be forwarded to the Chairman, CBSE for decision. The Chairman, CBSE can condone 15 % attendance on the recommendation of the Principal. Cases of candidate with attendance below 60 % shall not be considered and rejected by both the School and CBSE.
6. Please Note: All cases of short attendances will be referred to the Chairman, CBSE for decision in the first week of February. The school authorities will not be responsible in case a student's case is rejected by CBSE and he/ she is not issued Admit Card due to shortage of attendance. NO FEES (BOTH SCHOOL FEE AND CBSE EXAMINATION FEE) WILL BE REFUNDED IN THIS CASE.

Leave to students will only be granted either on an application or on filling the record of non-attendance in the school diary by the Parents/Guardian. Leave application has to be deposited with the class teachers either a day before or on joining school after the leave. In case of long leave due to medical reasons, a complete medical record & report/certificate along with application must be sent to school. Only medical leave will be granted during examinations SAs/ FAs or on days of unit tests. No test/exam will be rescheduled or taken separately on dated other than as mentioned in the date-sheet of the particular exams, (in case a leave is taken for reason(s) other than medical/health ground).If a student remains absent from school for more than 10 days without any information, his/her name will be struck off the rolls of the school and will only be re-admitted on payment of full admission fees. No child will be allowed to be taken home during school hours except in an emergency.

Important Information For Parents
Please motivate your child to come to school regularly and on time. He/ she must enter school gate by 7.45am positively. School gates will be closed at 8.00am.Students who come after 8.00am will be sent back home. Regular late comers will find a note about late coming in their final report sheet/ Character Certificate/TC.
Do not send unwell children and children suffering from any kind of fever and flu especially with chickenpox to school during U.T/F.A/S.A. The test will be rescheduled for these students. Submit a leave application along with a copy of doctor's advice/ prescription to the school office.
It is mandatory for parents to attend all the PTMs. Parents are requested to meet ALL teachers teaching their child. Send a note to teacher, in case you are unable to attend. Result will be handed over only to parents and not to any relatives.
Kindly switch off your mobile phones in school premises.
Change in contact no. & address should be intimated to the class teacher in writing. Check your child's school diary daily. Do sign the remarks if any and take necessary actions.
Comments made by parents in the diary should be productive and confined strictly to the subject of the student's work and his/her conduct.
Parents are welcome to e-mail the school at