Super Smart school: Tata Class Edge smart boards in ALL CLASSROOMS
The school has adopted comprehensive and out of the box approach to design our curriculum which is reviewed and revised every academic session. Our tie up with Tata Class Edge has proved to be a very effective learning tool as it is undeniable that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) contributes to the delivery of quality learning and teaching. It is designed to help teachers deliver high quality instructions, with an effective mix of classroom activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations. For students, it provides an active engagement with learning, thus making a better conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and also a platform to grasp application of learning to real life. It also enables the parents to have an effective feedback of their child's performance. All 65 classrooms are converted into digital classrooms.

Tata Class Edge provides an innovative and comprehensive instructional solution that empowers teachers to teach better with their instructional framework, Multiple learning experiences (MLEx), Models, activities involving rethinking and critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, research orientation and communication skills. Here, in our school we make students understand better by involving them in a variety of carefully planned activities using multiple senses. This makes learning a wonderful experience with a balance of interest as well as clearing of fundamentals.

The faculty of the school believes in nurturing all aspects of the students personality, be it physical, intellectual, emotional, social or psychological so that they step out of Shiv Vani as balanced, confident citizens of tomorrow. All teachers have access to well designed lesson plans and they make use of multimedia assets embedded in this lesson plans to visually illustrate complex concepts and use interactive tools to maximize efficiency in classrooms.
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Learning can be fun with TATA Class Edge!
In the present times, knowledge cannot be confided to textbooks. We are part of the world where education goes beyond school books. Our school comprehends the current trend and believes in leaving no stone unturned to educate its students in all areas. We realize the worth of electronically supported learning and teaching. We have information and communication systems to assist learning. We employ the most advanced techniques of teaching including the use of smart boards in all classrooms. Tata Class Edge rooms have been designed to aid effective classroom teaching.
computer lab computer lab computer lab computer lab

Learning can be fun with TATA Class Edge!
The modules are embedded in a template that allows the teacher to teach a chosen lesson in a class, frame by frame, with engaging and instructionally sound animated set of visuals while retaining complete control on the pace of delivery. It contains short duration multi-media clips which help students visualize complex concepts. One of the tools contained in the technology is an interactive whiteboard. It also offers worksheets to promote creative and critical thinking among students. Interactive quizzes generate interest and through proper audio-visual presentation students get maximum sensory experience. The curriculum from kindergarten to grade twelve covers like Mathematics, Science, English, Environmental Science, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Economics and Business Studies.

Why TATA Class Edge?
1.Introduction of concepts in a thrilling and exciting manner.
2. Students' engagement on a start board is dynamic and visually more appealing.
3. Encourage creative thinking, problem solving and decision making.
4. Develop interpersonal, communication, presentation and collaborative skills.
5. Ability to see the connections between various topics.
6. Real life application of the curriculum.