Happy Birthday to

VIPUL MISHRA 10 E         SHIVANGI GUPTA 12 A         GARIMA 9 A         KRITIKA PANKAJ 11 C         DIVIJ KAPOOR 10 A         ADITYA SINGH KATHAITH 7 E         YASH TANWAR 7 C         VIDHI GARG 6 E         PIHU 3 A         GAURAV 5 D         DHAIRYA TYAGI 7 A         RUDRA YADAV 2 A         UJJAWAL PP B        

Our Toppers XII 2019-20
Our Toppers X 2019-20

Prashant Narula


M.H.R(Master of Human Rights) ,

M.S.c(IT) , M.B.A,  B. Ed.


I look back with contentment at the 37 years of school's splendid journey. Our journey started way back in 1981 with a few students and staff. We have sailed a long and eventful journey of dedication and commitment. Since its inception the school has continued to strengthen its quality standards in education and tried to establish new benchmarks through consistently striving to blend technology with values and tradition. Our mission has always been to impart innovative methods of education to instill in each learner a zest for lifelong learning. At the same time, we continue to invest in the activities and infrastructure that have defined the school for the last three decades.