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Prashant Narula


M.H.R(Master of Human Rights) ,

M.S.c(IT) , M.B.A,  B. Ed.


‘Education imparted by heart can bring revolution in society.” - Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

The year 2020 has been an unprecedented year presenting a number of challenges and difficulties for everyone. The global pandemic has shifted the way we live our lives and has led the school and teachers to reinvent learning in many different ways. As we navigate the Covid-19 experience and adapt to the “new normal”, our focus remains on the delivery of high quality learning opportunities to meet the needs of all our students. Evolve, adapt, modify and adjust according to the circumstances has been the success mantra we try to inculcate among students in Shiv Vani.

Many teachers who have served in the school for over 25 to 35 years since the school ’s inception remember the difficult circumstances and the limited facilities and infrastructure that were available then. Gradually over the years, the building, Laboratories, classrooms in the Shiva wing, Vani wing, Administrative block as well as a separate and dedicated Junior School building were constructed and now of course there is state of the art infrastructure with smart boards, Tata class edge software, air-conditioned classrooms in the Junior school etc. Teaching has also evolved from black boards to white boards, earlier teachers got accustomed to using the Tata Class Edge software and now finally this year everyone had to make the move to online teaching.

We would also like to inculcate the same spirit of adjustment among our students as teachers have adapted their teaching methodologies. At the Alumni Meet we organized last year on Dec 28, 2019, we invited and felicitated Alumni who had passed out from Shiv Vani in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s till 2015, and we were gratified to hear them as they reminisced and looked back on their journey in the school with deep gratitude. They spoke about their treasured memories of life long friendships and the excellent values and education imparted by the school. Seeing their confident faces was a great source of motivation and the best example to prove the fact that we encourage students to be worthy and productive citizens of society. We have always made sure that when our students cross the threshold of Shiv Vani and step out into the world they are fully equipped for the challenges ahead and carry a passion for lifelong learning. I can undoubtedly say that we have accomplished this as I sat and listened to our ex-students speak at the Alumni Meet.

One of the advantages of being an educator is the power to positively influence the lives of students. I was deeply moved by the love and enthusiasm of our ex-students, their commitment towards their alma mater and the vision that they carry. It was a real privilege for us to see the long lasting impact of education at Shiv Vani. I listened to them speak confidently on the stage and I was impressed by their deportment, their long list of successful life experiences and accomplishments and the way they narrated their personal growth stories. As the present issue is dedicated to all Shiv Vani’s Alumni, you can see some of their profiles in this magazine. Ex-students were thrilled to know that the fourth Saturday of December each year will be Alumni Meet and it will be a virtual meet online this year due to the present circumstances.

Seeing our students excel in their respective fields and reach such heights is an enormous inspiration for all of us at Shiv Vani. This inspiration is what drives us to do better, to impart the best quality of education and give our students every possible opportunity to excel and develop their talents. We had a very successful year of academic and co curricular excellence. Nothing could have been achieved without the valuable support and cooperation of parents. I would like to express my gratitude to the Shiv Vani Family: together we will face all challenges and emerge stronger and better.

Keep Evolving,
Prashant Narula