1. Every student is required to get a qualifying grade D (VI to IX) or above in all the subjects including the 6th additional subject as per scheme to study for the purpose of promotion to next class.
  2. A student getting E grade (VI to VIII) in one or two subjects will have to improve his / her performance in one subsequent attempt to obtain qualifying grade D in these subjects
  3. A student getting D grade (I to V) in one or two subject will have to improve his / her performance in one subsequent attempt to obtain qualifying grade C in these subjects. D grade in three or more subjects will result in disqualification from promotion.
  4. The students of Class X, XI and XII will be assessed regularly through weekly test, Revision tests, Half Yearly, Preboard examination (only for class X and XII) and final examination. The final examination for class X and XII will be conducted by CBSE where as for class XI will be conducted by the school under the guidelines given by CBSE.

Examination and Promotion Policy for Class XI (As per CBSE Exam Bye Laws)

  1. In order to declare pass, a student must secure 33% marks in each of the subject. He/She should also secure 33% marks separately in theory and practical exams in order to be promoted to next class.
  2. Grace marks up to maximum of 10 (Maximum marks to be granted in one subject are 5) in all shall be awarded to a student to enable him / her to reach the minimum required of 33% of marks in each of the subject. Grace marks given will be reflected in the Annual Report Card and will see the remark ‘Passed with grace Marks'.
  3. Grace marks shall be awarded only if a minimum of 25% of marks is secured in each of the subject at the annual exam.
  4. No grace marks are awarded to students talking compartment examination.
  5. A student failing in one of the five subjects shall be placed in compartment provided he/she qualifies in all the other subjects.
  6. If a student has failed in theory, compartment is given in theory only. If student has failed in practical, he/she has to appear both in theory and practical.
  7. Students who fail to secure 33% marks in 2 or more than subjects will be detained in same class.
  8. For more details regarding exam and promotion policies, kindly visit : cbse.nic.in

Rules for change in Subjects in Class XI

  1. Change of subject(s) in class XI may be allowed by the Head of the school but not later than 31st of October of the academic session.
  2. No candidate shall be permitted to change his subject of study after passing class IX or XI as the case may be
  3. The candidate shall not offer a subject in Class X and XII which he has not studied and passed in Class IX and XI respectively.