On March 14, 2016 Shiv Vani welcomed a delegation from the organization NEWAH (Nepal Water and Health) for an interactive session "Water for Health". It was organised by Sulabh School Sanitation Club. NEWAH is a national level NGO in Nepal working towards clean drinking water, hygiene promotion and sanitation. A Nepal and India are united in innumerable ways, be it the heritage or culture, from values to traditions, both the countries have got a lot to share in common. Their visit thus celebrated this spirit of oneness, unity and common links that both the countries share. The visit also paved the beginning of the drive to promote cleanliness in both India and Nepal through active child participation.


On Feb 1, 2016 the school hosted a delegation from Canada and prizes were awarded by Mr.Frank Scarpitti, the Mayor of Markham (Toronto), Ontario, Canada along with Councillors and other dignitaries. We will continue our cultural exchange program with schools in Canada as it is very enriching and prepares our students to be global citizens of the future.